Why Should I Watch this (Free) Lesson?

  • You have absolutely no idea what a self-tape audition is

  • You've never made a self-tape, but you're planning on filming one soon

  • You've made self-tapes, but you rarely get a callback audition

  • You want to sample the quality of the lesson before paying for the full course (I hear you. I would, too!)

I'm Siobhan Smith and I'm the creator of the Start Acting After 30 course.  As an actress who started acting after I was over 30, I know exactly how self-doubt and fear can prevent you from even taking the first steps toward acting in tv, commercials, film, print, and voiceover. 

I started acting while working a full-time job.  So, I'm also aware that wasting time is not an option!   I've found a way to work with clients like Google, Nature Made, Walmart, and Volvo while managing all life can throw my way, and I want to help you do the same! Now is your time...